In 1989 Edward A. Donoghue left National Elevator Industry, Inc. ( NEII® ) where he held the position of Manager of Codes and Safety and started Edward A. Donoghue Associates Inc. (EADAI), Code and Safety Consultants providing professional consulting services on building transportation. Clients included the building transportation industry, architects, engineers, legal profession, building owners and government agencies.

NEII® was EADAl's first and last client being their Code and Safety consultant from 1989 to 2007 and Managing Director from January 2002 to September 2016 when he retired.

However, his lifelong contributions to the safety and health of the public did not end with his retirement, as it allows him more time as a volunteer emergency vehicle operator with the Salem Rescue Squad.

To the former clients of EADAI, thank you for placing your trust and confidence that we would provide you with the best advice available.